Fiber Optic Bundles

With the aim of light transmission optical fibers are arbitrarily assembled into the bundle. Ends of fiber optic bundles represent glued or fused together distinct fibers, which tips are perpendicularly cut off and polished. Fiber elements of the bundle are protected by a flexible jacket, preventing its breakage, destruction on the bends and moisture penetration.

The bundles we produce for light transmission consist of optical fibers with pure silica core and thin fluorosilicate reflective cladding. Both High-OH silica fibers with high concentration of hydroxyl groups (for 250-1200 nm) and Low-OH silica fibers with low OH content (for 400-2000 nm) are available for bundles compiling.

The bundles have a circular or rectangular cross-section of input or output end.

It is possible to split the light radiation into channels.

The bundles can be terminated with SMA905 type connectors or with the Customer’s connectors.

Spectroscopy Light Transmission Illumination
               a-bundles can be supplied with fibers of larger diameter
               b-for bundles with 50 µm diameter of fibers
               c-depends on wavelength range and linear bundle length
Wavelength Range(nm) 250-2000
Fiber Core Diameter (µm) a 50-200
Numerical Aperture NA 0.2+0.02
Light Beam Input/Output Half-Angle(degrees) 11-13
Clear Aperture (mm) 0.5-10
Length (m) 0.2-25
0.2-1 b
Total Transmission (%) c > 50