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Laboratory Overview

Our laboratory located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and established in 1982 - the leading manufacturer of special optical quartz fibers and fiber-optic products in Russia.

The fibers and fiber-optic products are used in research and industrial applications in the areas of spectroscopy, analytical chemistry, sensing applications, medical sub-components, various space applications, and a wide range of military applications.

The large scientifical experience with flexibility of technological processes allow our laboratory to develop and manufacture various fiber-optical products having the high-level characteristics.

Now we develop and produce the next fiber optical products:

Single- and multimode fibers

Fibers with silicone, acrylate and metallic coatings

UV broadband multimode fibers

Laser radiation transmitting fibers

Polarisation maintaining singlemode fibers

High-strength fibers

Photonic crystal fibers and microstructured lightguides

Mono- and polycapillaries with various coatings

Fiber-optic cables and

Fiber-optic bundles for light radiation transmitting

According to your wishes we can:

  • To design optical fibers or fiber-optic products with the set characteristics and technological process for manufacturing of the fiber
  • To develop a manufacturing process of fiber from your material
  • To produce a fiber meeting to your requirements, including rod-preform formation, drawing of fiber with various diameters and lengths, and also manufacturing of fiber-optic bundles
  • To test optical fibers for optical, geometrical and mechanical characteristics.

We are always glad to new cooperation and ready to answer any questions interesting for you.